The Best Fifa 17 Autobuyer and Autobidder for Ultimate Team start today

FutBotManager is the most advanced product of the moment. Developed with the latest technology available in the market makes this quick and reliable application.

Build Your Dream Team

You never need to buy Fifa 17 Ultimate Team coins without Spending Thousands Money on Packs or Risking Your Account by Buying Coins.

Make Millions Trading on Autopilot

With the market bot you can Automate your Trading and make Fifa coins, while you’re are not at pc. This is not a Fifa glitch

Secure Against Ban

We have a lot of experience regarding bot world and we always make sure that market bot never exceeds any limits set by EA

Multi Platform

Multiple platform support for Fifa 17 Ultimate Team: Ps3/4 Xbox 360/One e PC. Device emulation for iphone/android/windows phone to avoid fifa market stuck

Application and Features

fifa autobuyer

Market Analyzer

FUT Bot Manager is an application for the professional day trading market. Our platform analyzes in real time all developments of each individual items/players and proposes you the most profitable at the time on Fifa 17 Market. Messi / Ronaldo are not anymore a dream, build your dream team, this is not cheating / glitch just trading

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Fifa autobuyer

Professional Bot

A tool for professionals who want to generate fifa coins and selling them to other users. Thanks to our platform you can manages also 500 fifa accounts at same time and win auctions more easy than other competitors on Ultimate Team. Dominate Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Market for PC / PS3 / PS4 / XBOX360 / XBOX ONE with day trading.

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Quick Questions and answers

1The platform update prices sometime in real time from the market?
Of course! our Fifa Ultimate Team Bot takes in real time from the market all auctions and transactions.
2Use a bot is against the law?
Absolutely not! Use the not violate any laws.
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How much do you earn?

fifa coins monthly

Thanks to our platform you can generate in less than 30 days millions of fifa 17 Ultimate coins with trading with just one Fut Account

Secure Payments

Your payment for this purchase is processed securely by PayPal.

Why choose our Fifa 17 Ultimate Team BOT?

Some of the features that are making known our BOTS worldwide!



We are the only ones to have implemented a new security technology to avoid the BAN.


Our team consists of the best developers of bots known on the international market.

Technical support

A cutting-edge technical support always ready to solve the problem. Be ready for Fifa 17

Complete solutions

A complete suite for those who want to increase their wallet to play, both for professionals that resell coins.

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Top 10 - Fifa Session Profit of Yesterday

.: Hacc: 62a3a68a-e03d* - XboxOne - +336866
.: Hacc: b6ce572a-f8f8* - XboxOne - +334052
.: Hacc: f5773580-4847* - XboxOne - +332789
.: Hacc: b5f81320-a677* - XboxOne - +329423
.: Hacc: c328c6b8-c164* - Ps4 - +325939
.: Hacc: 566b56d3-1382* - XboxOne - +321142
.: Hacc: f0937c40-8f24* - Ps4 - +320600
.: Hacc: 6bb164b4-3335* - Ps4 - +310173
.: Hacc: e6277a6f-c196* - XboxOne - +307061
.: Hacc: d727780a-921d* - Ps4 - +306756

Only Ps4 and Xbox One telemetry available