Anti FunCaptcha configure

We added with last release support for best service available to solve funcaptcha. After you bought a key from their web site (rember to use credit card instead paypal or they will ask to you a personal identifaction) you need to configure bot:

  • Funcaptcha Mode: AntiCaptcha, then put your Captcha Api key (rember to save settings)

AntiCaptcha require usage of proxy to work, but we can avoid it, with last bot release, we added a builtin proxy.

If you use/configure proxys for your accounts you can can skip this part cause bot will use configured proxys for accounts and not use builtin, that it is only for people that do not waste money with proxy or not have enterprise version that support them.


The main problem atm it is open your port from external call Port Forwarding , if you use a VPS usually you don’t need to do anything cause your server are not in NAT and you have public Ip.

How to setup Port Forwarding there are two solution:

  • Automatic with Use Upnp (usually 99% of routers have it enabled by default, if not you need to check your router setting or read manual of it)
  • Manual add Port Forwarding rule on your router (you need to use google about it “devicename configure port forwarding”)

We raccomend to use Manual mode (Use Upnp: disabled) cause sometimes also if your router support Upnp can hangup and not work anymore until you restart it (maybe only my router have this problem, if your working great you can ignore this note)

After you setup all this thing just click “Test Anticaptcha” button it will show the log (first time Window Firewall will ask to enable port for program)

If no errors, you need just to check on your web browser the link generated and add the params if everything will be ok you will have this image and you can run without problems builtin proxy for anti-captcha service: