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22nd August 2016
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14th April 2017

Antivirus detection

Some people have problem with antivirus: Avg, Avast and Avira

Cause they detect our bot like a malware, we use obfuscator to protect our software called Confuser, it is open sources.
Why they detect us like malware? because obfuscator it is free and some bad guy use it also to obfuscate virus, then AV instead look into every file black list all.
If you try to send them (AV) our file they will reply to you it is not a malware but they need to look into everytime (every our update) this is why they black list all.

As you can see, with virus total not report it like a malware (we use direct link to our zip file, you can try to do the same without download it)

you can also check on metadefender (not support direct link)!/results/file/6000fb008d4347b2aa8c36efdea8071c/regular/analysis

What to do if you use this AV? Pretty simple, try to disable it temp, then download file, extract all files into a new folder, then add our solution to whitelist, then enable AV again, how to do it check on google about your AV.

We don’t distribuite any virus / malware or other things against laws.