22nd August 2016

Mule Transfert System

We added a base/concept Mule transfert system with last release: Main key: Only Player Card support at this moment You must placed your cards with your […]
20th June 2016

Fifa 22 Autobuyer Ultimate Bot best Settings

General Settings First, go to the setting instance window and check the number in brackets # 1 coincides with the number # 2 if not edit […]
13th June 2016

Fifa Autobuyer Tips Ultimate Team

Fifa Autobuyer Tips for Ultimate Team Common Mistakes on Fut Market We will see briefly some common mistakes in buying and selling methods in fifa market […]
9th May 2016

Fifa Ultimate Team – Make Coins with Charts

Fifa Market Trading some rules: Make Fifa Coins in right time: Let’s learn how to use FBM charts to understand when it’s time to sell or […]