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FC24 Ultimate Team like all new generation games allows you to create your own team thanks to the use of coins or FC Points. FC Points are purchased in the EA shop, FC4 coins are earned by playing games or by buying and selling players on the market. The FBM platform helps you buy and sell players on the market by generating the coins needed to buy your team on FC24 Ultimate Team

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Buy FC24 Coins Main Keys

– AutoBuyer settings with many options to adapt the bot to your needs,
– Auto-buy countless amount of players, then list them for a specified price,
SBC Solver with AI
– Auto-buy countless amount of players, then send them to transfer-list,
– Auto-buy one player then sell/ send to transfer-list,
Integrated Funcaptcha Solver,
– Multiple profile with multiple settings,
– Price rules global then you dont need to tweak each player,
– EA Tax / Profit calculator by it self,
– Auto Price setup: builtin, futwiz, futbin,
– Skip rules: like profit for search ratio or lost auction lost,
– Advanced price mod for different chemistry or position change,
– Import accounts from csv format file,
– Market list import from futbin,
– Auto send email / do beep in case of error,
– Multi web proxy supports,
– Web Browser builtin,
– Sell Api support with many providers (sell Fifa coins to others and make real money),
– Multiple engine support : Chrome (real click in official web app), Hybrid (combine click and direct calls), Chromeless (direct calls no chrome engine)

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Buy FC24 Coins: Elevate Your Gaming with Exciting Wins!

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Buy FC24 Coins: Elevate Your Gaming with Exciting Wins!

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