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13th October 2016
Universal Sell Api Doc
11th September 2018

Buy Price Limit

We add new system to determine buy price limit, why you need that? cause market can go up and down, the main problem it is when you buy a card for higest value, especially cheap items.
If you use FutBin price it is ok, but usually not working great with cheap items, this is why we build this new system:

How it work? first we need to setup buy price limit trigger , will be use to choice from two different values: if card value are below buy price limit % down or above buy price limit % up, then bot use Auctions stats and calculate average of bids in the last hours that you define with buy price limit last h.

Example if i use numbers that you can see picture, trigger 3000, limit down 50, and limit up 30, when try to buy a card with average value of 1500 (get average from stats) it will use down % (1500 < 3000) will be 50% then our buy limit will be around 2250, then if current buy price it is above 2250 it will be lock at 2250 if is lower example 2000 it will use 2000. Cheap items have a lot fluation especially under 1000 coins value, then be smart to find right value that work for you.

If our card is average 5000 it use up % (5000 > 3000) will be 30 then our buy limit will be around 6500.

The system should be good instead old system that use last minbuynow found, the fail point of this system it require some stats, if bot don’t have example more than 5 stats for the last 12h like in this example this system not working, but usually you running h24 and don’t have this problem. However we raccomend to setup by your self buy price limit in item setting for expensive items.


Remember also Buy Price Limit it is temp saved into your market list, then if you save list to file it will be saved with it, and if price changes example in next days you will use old buyprice limit.