Fifa 17 Futbotmanager the fifa autobuyer

Fifa 17 autobuyer Release
22nd September 2016
Antivirus detection
13th October 2016
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Fifa 17 Futbotmanager the fifa autobuyer

Release Note in this first release you can find some bugs, please report to our fb page with a private message.

First thing to do:

  • check if you can use bot, go on web app page and check your account before buy autobuyer
  • if you have old version of bot delete folder, old data not compatible with new, you can only import /config/config.db into new bot folder then you don’t waste time to add your old accounts
  • in this release only Chrome emulation working, mobile emulations will be add in next days.

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  1. Commodoro says:

    In new vesion when you use “bin sniping” next item search will be in seconds, then instead 60 sec default you can drop also 10 sec.

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