Fifa 21 Coins Ultimate Team

As other series of FIFA, the in-game currency FIFA 21 coins will always play an essential role in Ultimate Team. Using a Autobuyer / Autobidder with market trend analysis is a good option which has been accepted for most FIFA Players in previous versions, which will save you a lot time and have more fun in game. Futbotmanger is your ideal program for gain Fut 21 coins!
Now, you can gain FIFA 21 Coins for PS4, PC and Xbox One with just one program!

FUT 21 Ultimate Team Sniping Bot is the fastest FUT 21 sniping bot with potential of making you hundreds of thousands of coins a day!

Fifa 21 Coins

This Fifa 21 Autobuyer is highly likely to be compatible with upcoming FIFA titles, like FIFA 21, as long as EA don’t take down the FUT Web App.

Main keys:
– AutoBuyer settings with many options to adapt the bot to your needs,
– Auto-buy countless amount of players then list them for a specified price,
– Auto-buy countless amount of players then send them to transfer-list,
– Auto-buy one player then sell/ send to transfer-list,
– Multiple profile with multiple settings,
– Price rules global then you dont need to tweak each player,
– EA Tax / Profit calculator by it self,
– Auto Price setup: builtin, futwiz, futbin,
– Skip rules: like profit for search ratio or lost auction lost,
– Advanced price mod for different chemistry or position change,
– Import accounts from csv format file,
– Market list import from futbin,
– Auto send email / do beep in case of error,
– Multi web proxy supports,
– Funcaptcha solver support,
– Web Browser builtin,
– Sell Api support with many providers (sell Fifa coins to others and make real money),
– Multiple engine support : Chrome (real click in official web app), Hybrid (combine click and direct calls), Chromeless (direct calls no chrome engine)

The bot automatically buys players according to the filters given or by specific player name or filter search. Once it has successfully bought a player, it can either sell the player for the specified sell price or it can send the player to the transfer list. It also logs when players are successfully bought or if an attempt to buy a player failed.

Why risk to buy Fifa 21 Coins when you can gain by your self and build your Fut 21 dream team. Unlike our competitors we do not take any fee from your coins incomming or share your personal account data, all process is perform on your pc, no spyware, no adware.