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The Best FC24 Sniping Bot - Autobuyer and Autobidder for Ultimate Team

FutBotManager is the world’s first Sniping BOT and Autobuyer for Ultimate Team FC24. Find out today how you can earn millions of coins thanks to our application. 

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The software for FUT traders.

Our professional platform dedicated to FC24 Ultimate Team market traders. The FutBotManager allows you to analyze the market and understand what the trends of each individual player are, so that you are always ready to sell and earn millions of coins on FC24. Try today the power of our Ultimate Sniping & Autobuyer Bot  for FC24.

Some of fBM features

Why choose FutBotManager?

Build Your Dream Team

FBM will allow you to build your team on Fifa Ultimate Team without having to buy coins.

Make Millions Trading on Autopilot

With the market bot you can Automate your Trading and make Fifa coins, while you’re are not at pc. This is not a Fifa glitch

Multi Platform

Multiple platform support for FC24 Ultimate Team: PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and PC.

FC24 Ultimate Team Coins Generator

Make Fifa Ultimate Team coins generator with market, never need to buy Fut 23 Ultimate Team Coins anymore

Funcaptcha Solver

FBM is the first platform with integrated Funcaptcha Solver


The FBM platform helps you solve SBC challenges to make millions of credits

FBM Points

How to start?


Calculate how many FBM Points you need.


Buy the amount of FBM Points you need.

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Quick questions and Answers about Fifa Web App Sniping Bot

Absolutely yes, and also being a professional tool allows you to set a series of parameters to improve your sniping.

Of course! our Fifa Ultimate Team Bot takes in real time from the market all auctions and transactions.

Absolutely not! Use the not violate any laws.

Certainly, thanks to FBM it is possible to make mass bids.

To keep your account safe, we strongly suggest using a secondary account, then transferring the coins to your main account using 1 of our safe coin distribution methods. You need to also ensure that you play the game regularly to avoid EA suspicions, and always solve captchas correctly.

No, the Analytics Pass gives you access to our Premium Service That Allows You To Have Your Data Updated In The Last 10 Minutes. In addition, for all Analytics Pass holders, there are discounts on FBM Points.

FBM Points are used to activate the FutBotManager license. You don’t buy the license anymore, you buy FBM Points. For more information click here.

Yes, they are valid until the release of the new Season of the Game.

FBM was developed for Windows systems. If you have a MAC you can install a virtual machine with Windows and use FBM.

FBM can manage with a single PC over 1000 accounts at the same time and this for those who want to sell coins is very important. In addition, the new features of FBM allow you to do research and analyze statistics on each player on the market.

How many coins can I make thanks to Fifa Web App Sniping Bot?

Thanks to our platform you can earn millions of Fifa Ultimate Coins in just 30 days.

Secure Payments

You can make your purchases safely thanks to PayPal.


Professional Bot for FC24

A tool for professionals who want to generate fifa coins and selling them to other users.

Thanks to our platform you can manage also 1000 fifa accounts at same time and win auctions more easy than other competitors on Ultimate Team.

Dominate FC24 Ultimate Team Market and generate fut 23 coins for PC / PS / XBOX .

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