Hi everyone

In recent days,rumors have circulated of a series of BAN that EA is doing. It was published by
several online newspapers, of a mega BAN that EA made to over 30,000 accounts.

Over the past few years, Activision has been continuing to pursue a crusade against cheaters,
systematically banning large numbers of unfair players from their flagship
titles. All this is also happening at EA, with the company that has implemented
several cascading bans on the recent FIFA 22.

Specifically, EA has gone to intervene against the cheaters present in the Ultimate Team online mode of FIFA 22, where in the past few hours the beauty of over 30 thousand
incorrect players have been for forced out.

The cause we find in a rather incorrect trick found by the players, who managed not to suffer online defeats by going to abandon the game before the end.

All this has nothing to do with the BOT! However, we have made some new features  in order to be sure that there are no dangers for our customers. OUR BOT IS SAFE!!

Wait 3 days before running the bot again. We are doing further tests.

For any doubt you can contact our team of experts through the Dedicated Discord channel.

Thank you and good trading.

FUT22 - EA BAN 30.000 USERS from Fifa 22 Ultimate Teams


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