Our Future Plan for Fifa Ultimate Team Autobuyer

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27th March 2016
How to make Coins in Fifa 16 Ultimate Team
7th May 2016
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Our Future Plan for Fifa Ultimate Team Autobuyer

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We’ll switch on Payment system on this Friday, cause then we can focus on better projects and improvements for our best Fifa Ultimate Team Bot:

What we have planning:

  • Easy (just with one click) setup from Analyzer Item to Market Item with “good” setting for price
  • Building a new web sile like futbin, but instead bin we give to you bids (it is more userfull in fifa world) and trades volume
  • Building weekly list with best items to invest with our statistic on market items
  • Coins transfert account/account and seller/client





What will happen on Friday:

We’ll delete all accounts and data, all active bot will be close by it self (cause we deleting info data on server auth),
after we do that you can sign up again on web site and choice your fifa autobuyer version.
You can import schedule data, market/analyzer list data, config data it is not possible to import (cause we have changed code inside it).
Thanks to everybody that send to us bugs report/ideas and support.


  1. saar says:

    hello I really want to buy the software but first i want to contact u privetly please contact me saarking51@gmail.com

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