How to make Coins in Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

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27th April 2016
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How to make Coins in Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

First Rules

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team transfer market is a lot like real world stocks; you buy the stocks at dirt-cheap prices and sell them for a hefty profit.
In this case, the stocks are players. Look for players who are in-form in real life and are relatively famous in the football world. Don’t go for a complete unknown, but don’t go for huge stars like Messi or Ronaldo or others very expensive players. Buy the player at a decent prize (look like max 2-3 steps under min profit found, yep can be so hard if it is a cheap players cause many bots can target it) within your budget that won’t make you go broke, then sell the player for at least 1-2 steps more (you can also diff for start price and buynow price, usually you can set 2-3 step over bid the buy now, as you can see 85% people will buy with bin instead bid, than a lower bid can help you), Remember, don’t set the price too high or that won’t buy.
For instance, if I buy Buffon for 1,300 coins, I’ll sell him for between 1,600-1,900 coins. Anything higher may turn away potential buyers.

This is why we added charts, that help you too much to understand market price evolution:

buffon chart fifa 16

buffon chart fifa 16

As you can see people bought him from 1400 to 1900 coins, than it is so easy resell with 1600-1900 range. We also know more than +9 items every hours will be sold, than it is a good player to make coins / invest.

Some Tips:


Eye on TotW and TotY

Team of the Week and Team of the Year releases offer some of the best times to make profit on Fifa Ultimate Team. TotW players are usually revealed every Wednesday at around 12-1 PM EST. A day or two before Wednesday, prices drop because players are trying to sell their player cards in order to buy a TotW player. Buy the players affected as a result of the market crash, then the day after TotW is released, sell them for a little (about 100 coins) above their average price or set the price up so you make at least a 300 coin profit.

As for the TotY, market prices will be at an all-time low since people are selling their players for cheap to be able to buy ToTY players. Swoop in, buy the now cheaper players, and sell after TotS is released for a net profit of at least 300 coins.

Any player that’s Gold will be a good choice for this trick.


Making Money Off One Player

Monopolizing on one player is a greedy but highly effective way of earning quick Fifa 16 Coins, but you need also to be smart. First, just like the beginning method, find a popular player within you budget. Usually a Fifa Autobidder do this strategy and you don’t care about it, you should make a monumental profit in a little under an hour.


The Best Time to Sell

It’s a fact: the Eu Time zone where Ultimate Team is played. Sell your players at a time when most EU players will be active. If you live in the States, it’s probably a good idea to sell around 12 PM EST to take full advantage of the influx of players. It can be userfull always check charts, cause you can see items in market and trades closed, than it is more easy know when people it is active and see price fluctuation.


Buy Contract Cards in Bulk

We all know that contract/fitness cards are extremely important. These cards are the very things that allow you player to play on matchday when his matches/healt hit zero. They are arguably the most important consumable in the game, which is why you should you use them to your advantage since there’s ALWAYS going to be a demand for some contract cards. Buy 20 or so cards at a time, all for around the same price (e.g Buy 20 cards for 200 coins each) then sell them off for about 300-400 coins for a MASSIVE profit. Selling contract cards will always be a surefire way to earn money because the demand will always be there. But sometime it is so hard make profit cause there are so many Fifa 16 Autobuyer that do this strategy.


Player Modification Method

Buy the cheapest card of your targeted player, buy the cheapest chemistry card and/or position change, apply it/them and sell for more than invested.
Best positions cards to use: CAM>CM, RM>RW, LM >LW, CF>ST.
Best chemistry styles to use: Marksman, Hawk, Hunter,Maestro, Catalyst,Engine,Backbone, Anchor, Shadow.


59th Minute Human Method

The strategy is: go to the transfer market and navigate to the 59th minute page where new players have just been listed under an hour, can be userfull only for real player. Because Fifa 16 Autobuyer  can check also 50 results for page, instead 13 of human, then they have more results with one page. Consider also they are so quickly.


Flood Method

This method is a bit unfair because it takes advantage of newbies or those who don’t know the market very well! Go and buy 20/30 identical items and list them for a higher price than their usual at the same time. Works better with cards you can’t filter like manager leagues.


Fifa 16 Autobuyer / Autobidder at Work not lucky day yet


fifa autobuyer lucky day

Fifa 16 Autobuyer / Autobidder lucky day on Ps4

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