MarketFut Analytics Pass- Improve the potential of our Sniping / Autobuyer Bot

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29,00 for 1 month



Make More Fifa 23 Coins thanks to this subscription. Add real-time market information to your Sniping and Autobuyer Tool.

Subscribe to our FUT Market News. The platform will give you near real-time insights into the value of the players. This subscription will allow you to activate advanced price market analysis features on the Sniping and Autobuyer Bot.  Become the king of the market thanks to our FBM Analytics Vip Subscription.

Our VIP Members will be able to access:

– Discount on FBM Coins
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ATTENTION this package must be covered together with FBM Points. It does not contain the license for the BOT, but it is a package that enables in real time a series of additional information within the BOT.