FutBotManager T50
25th 四月 2016
FutBotManager T10 Season
5th 五月 2016
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FutBotManager T1000

179,00 for 1 month

Designed for Advanced Fifa Ultimate Team Coins Resellers


Designed for Advanced Fifa Ultimate Team Coins Resellers

  • AutoBuyer
  • AutoBidder
  • Price AutoUpdater
  • Enhanced Security
  • Advanced Charts
  • Scheduler
  • Running Fifa 20 Account at same time: 1000
  • Built-in Players Database
  • Built-in Consumables Database
  • Mobile Emulation (Avoid Auction Stuck)
  • Shield Engine (increased win probability)
  • Items Analyzer List
  • Web Proxy support
  • FunCaptha external Api support (autosolver)
  • Sell Api support (Universal, MuleFactory, Mmoga, FifaCoinZone, Igvault, MyDgn, DsFut, Fifa Exchange)

Require Microsoft Framework 4.8 (Os supported: windows 7 (x64) sp1 or above,  recommended windows 10 (x64)) Only 64bit supported
Require Microsoft Visual Studio Redistrebutable 2015 x64 bit
Require Ea Account with Market Unlocked (Check before Web App on Ea web site if you have unlocked it)

Program License is valid for One Pc, you can’t share license with other pc, it is possibible reset one time every 30 days

Note: maybe you cant run more than 200 Instances with Highend PC/Server with Chrome version.

Be smart (do not run for more 6h daily): bot usage/sell coins it is against EA EULA, if they ban you we do not refound you. bot usage at your own risk.