20th October 2021

FUT22 – EA BAN 30.000 USERS from Fifa 22 Ultimate Teams

NEWS FIFA 22 – EA BANS OVER 30.000 USERS Hi everyone In recent days,rumors have circulated of a series of BAN that EA is doing. It […]
22nd October 2021

BOT TESTED AND FIXED – Now Make Coins on Fifa 22

NEWS New version of the BOT is ready!         Hi everyone, After 3 days of verification and testing by our team of developers, […]
28th November 2021

How to avoid EA BANS on Fifa 22.

NEWS How to avoid the BAN on Fifa 22! Hi everyone, Finally after weeks of testing we have found the solution to solve the BAN that […]
20th February 2022

New Feature: SBC SOLVER for FIFA 22

NEWS New Feature: SBC SOLVER for FIFA22         Hello everyone We have included the SBC Solver in the new version of the software. […]