Fifa Ultimate Team requires the resolution of a Arkose Captcha Pick Icon a few times. This Arkose Captcha can block the Sniping and Aubuyer system. To avoid stopping your BOT, FBM has integrated a platform that analyzes the proposed images in real-time and automatically solves them for you the Arkose Pick Icon.

Natively Integrated

FBM Arkose Captcha solver helps you in real-time to solve the FunCaptcha that the EA displays you while using the Sniping and Autobuyer tools.

The system uses an AI engine to solve the Arkose Captcha that are presented by the EA system from time to time. Our Pick Icon Resolution System 

it is natively integrated into the Sniping and Autobuyer tool, so you will not have to do anything. It will do everything by itself.

Thanks to the Deep Learning engine, the system is able to achieve an accuracy of 98%.

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