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The platform update prices in real time from the market?

Of course! our Fifa Ultimate Team Bot takes in real time from the market all auctions and transactions.

Use a bot is against the law?

Absolutely not! Use the not violate any laws.

How does the FutBotManager work?

The FutBotManager does everything you would do when you want to buy a player. It logins automatically and does exactly what you tell it to do, it can also use schedule to be more efficient and smart. You select the players / items and your settings, you can also loading from file, and the Autobuyer does the rest for you. Various innovative functions ensure that even new users will make profit. It is completely automated: It buys, lists and sells players while keeping an eye on the market. What does that mean? It updates the prices of the players, checks whether they are overpriced, gives you detailed informations about each player and transaction and much more!

FC24 Ultimate Team Bot - FAQ
FC24 Ultimate Team Bot - FAQ

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Where I can found the Order ID?

You can find your Order ID in the account management page.


Is the FutBotManager safe?

First thing: Use the bot does not violate any laws. About bot outcomming connections: only outcomming data are on EA server (encrypted) and our Auth License Server (not encrypted) that you can easy check / control with windows firewall, this data include only your license data of market bot. We never ask you or get your informations about your EA accounts. All data stored with your EA Accounts information on your PC is Encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard with a key that is unique for your PC, if someone try to stealth it like a malicious program alias virus, trojan horse or also bad friends can not take datas and use them for their illegal purporse. Security is not a Option for us.


Can I get banned for using the FutBotManager?

We have a lot of experience regarding bot world and we always make sure that market bot never exceeds any limits set by EA. However we are not EA, and you must be smart (run less 16h daily) bot usage/sell coins it is against EA Eula, if you do get banned we can’t offer a refund. Bot usage at your own risk. You must be smart how do you use it. Never run more than 12 daily, cause you are not human (the first mistake).


Am I able to use same license of the bot on different computers?

No, you can only use it on one computer. Make sure you only start it on the computer that you want to be using it on. If you want to change computers, you can reset the token only one at month.


I don't have PayPal can I use other payment methods?

Certainly, contact support at info[@] and ask what other payment methods are available.


If there are any updates from EA, how soon update the bot?

Our development team is always attentive to all updates made by EA. Clearly depends on the type of features that is made by EA. We update the market bot regularly also with best features that we think are userfull! If you have a good idea please send to us with Facebook message.


Do You Store My Data?

We do not have access to your login. We use the data at the beginning only to authenticate the application to your Fifa account.


Why should I choose FBM over other platforms?

FBM unlike other similar software, allows you to have a dedicated team that quickly fixes problems. Our software does not save your account passwords on servers. We have all the latest technologies, which is why we are the BOT with the least BAN.


Can I use SOCK 5 proxies?

You can use only WEB proxies (HTTPS).


I would like to sell coins, as I can do?

There are many providers on the internet that specialize in buying coins. FBM for those with 50 accounts or more provides an advanced tool that interconnects directly with sites that buy coins. So if you have 50 accounts you can use our "API SELL" feature. In our Discord channel you can get to know the experts who buy your coins.


Do FBM Points expire?

Yes, they are valid until the release of the new Season of the Game.

FC24 Ultimate Team Bot - FAQ

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