Frequently Asked Questions​

What are FBM Points?

A new way to activate the functionality of the FBM application.

Activate only what you really use, quickly and easily.

Why has FBM changed the type of license?

We realized that many advanced features were not used by all users and this generated great confusion. For this reason we have decided to transform the FBM license into modules, in such a way as to allow each of our customers to be able to activate and then pay, only the features they really use.

A few simple steps to activate your new license


Buy the FBM Points package you are interested in.

Go to the Shop, and buy the pack of Points that you will use to activate your FBM license.


Download the FBM License Manager application.

This application will allow you to upload the credits you have purchased and through these, to be able to customize your license. For more information watch this video on youtube


Download the new FBM Software.

Enter into your personal page, and from the download area download the application. Once downloaded, enter the license you generated with the License manager Tool.


Start earning!

FBM is the most used tool in the world to generate coins in a secure and inexpensive way. Find out why around the world they use FBM to create their dream team in Fifa Ultimate Team 23.


Are you a coins retailer?

The new FBM application is made just for you, it adapts to your needs, we have included many modules that will allow you to manage your transactions quickly and easily.


Do FBM Points expire?

Yes, of course. FBM Points are reset at the beginning of each new release of Fifa Ultimate Team (usually in early October of each year).

FBM Points

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