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FutBotManager is the world’s first platform dedicated to FUT traders. Developed to help you become #WolfOfUltimateTeam


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Manage and create your player list.

This application will allow you to create your perfect list on which you can trade.

Advanced functionality will allow you to import lists directly from

Market Analyzer.

This very useful tool will allow you to have the statistics of the players you are trading.


You can stop trading

You can start trading

You can Analyze

You can sell your coin for money!

You can activate the Scheduler


License Key

To add a new license

Price informations

Extend your license

Manage license features


Chromless - It is a Chrome emulator and allows you to use fewer resources and therefore manage multiple accounts at the same time.

More than 100 accounts are recommended.

Sell Api - Mule: Allows Coins sellers to automate sales and transfers from one account to another

Club Wipe: Allows you to automatically move items from the club to the market

Pack Preview: It allows you to preview the packages and then automatically open and sell the content only if it has a certain value and generates a defined margin.

Trader Pro Charts: It allows access to FBM's database on the transactions of the most betrayed players.

Thanks also to advanced trading tools to analyze the buying and selling trand. The tool is the one used by our fifa ultimate team market analysts

SBC Solver: It is the tool that allows you to solve the Squad Building challenge of Fifa Ultimate Team 22

Feature Release

Some of the features will be enabled by December 2021. Stay Tuned


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