How to protect against BAN.

Hello everyone

Our sales team received hundreds of requests about why our ecommerce blocked the purchase of the Fifa Ultimate Team 22 BOT. the answer is simple, SAFETY!

Our team is very scrupulous and wants to be sure that using the BOT the risk of BAN is really low. Last year Our competitors allowed their customers to continue using the BOT without checking if there were any risks to the accounts, in fact in the first month there were over 15,000 BAN.

First of all we are players and for this reason we care a lot to make sure that our customers are in total safety and to do this we apply these simple rules:

First Rule: Account data must always be encrypted and saved on the owner’s PC. This guarantees total security and protects either from theft and/or scam of the account. Many competitors have created free WEB applications that guarantee easy wades of coins, but think that they have your account and at any time they can change passwords, emails and much more.

Second Rule: Always check every day if the EA code has been changed and then ensure in a timely manner that users do not receive BAN

Third Rule: Improve the software every day by adding services that help our users to make great gains of Coins for Fifa 22 without risk and in a short time. This is why we have activated the VIP Pass service, which allows users to have new lists every week with the best-selling players.

Fourth Rule: Advanced tools and statistics even the most avid traders of Fifa ultimate Team 22. Many of our users do not use the bot, but use our Trading software to analyze and predict the movements of the Fifa Ultimate Team 22 Market.

Right now we are working to make the trading experience of our users safer and more enjoyable.

Stay Tuned!

NEWS: Basic rules to avoid the BAN in Fifa Ultimate Team 22
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