FBM minted its first NFT on OpenSea.

Hi FBM Community ,

It’s been ten years since we released the first release of FBM, with very few features but a great desire to give a unique tool to all operators on the FUT market. Our mission has always been to help you make many coins about the FIFA game.

We decided to celebrate these first ten years by launching new initiatives, new interfaces, and new products. We made this choice to create the world’s largest FUT marketer community.


One of the first screenshot of FBM Software

What could have been a worthy package for the first 10 years of FBM? The answer came to us almost immediately, to create a celebratory NFT (there will also be others in the coming years) that would link a value not only affective but also a Premium value for the few lucky owners.

We commissioned our first NFT to one of the world’s most famous Manga designers and bought the entire property of the work so that we could share it with our 10 Premium Clients who will buy our celebratory NFT.

The choice of the idea came to us almost immediately to depict a girl who, thanks to the strength of the “Wolf,” manages to govern the ball and the money. Then I must say that the artist did the rest.

First we chose the pose that we liked the most . And we chose the sketch number 2.
Then we chose the installation we chose the final sketch and we chose the number 1.
It is almost complete, and we did some tweaking and some retouching ....

Continue to follow the story of our NFT.




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