FC24 Coins – New Feature V23.1.131

Hi everyone

We are excited to tell you about the new features we have released with this new version of FBM, the first Sniper & Autobuyer Bot in the world.


Let’s start immediately with the great first feature that we have implemented, a new engine for finding BIDs. We have optimized our algorithm, and now our customers can quickly make a lot of coins.

The second big news: we have released is a new advanced search engine that will allow you to search for players much faster (we are preparing a video to show you this great news of MarketFut). You can search for players using name, surname, position, team and nationality as filters.

FC24 Coins - News on FBM Sniper & Autobuyer Bot
Advanced Search on MarketFut Invetary Players.

Another significant novelty is that of the Price Estimator. At the request of many of our customers, we have decided to implement this feature that will allow you to quickly understand how much you will earn from each card sold.

FC24 Coins - News on FBM Sniper & Autobuyer Bot
Price Estimator - Discover how many coins you gain.

Another novelty that we have included is to disable some functions that created a series of configuration problems for our less experienced customers. We give the possibility to each user to be able to choose the version they consider best for them.

FC24 Coins - News on FBM Sniper & Autobuyer Bot
Select the Professional version to access all the features to best set FBM.

These are just some of the news we have released. We are preparing new videos that will soon be available on our YouTube channel, so hurry up to subscribe to be constantly updated on the news.


FC24 Coins - News on FBM Sniper & Autobuyer Bot



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