FC24 Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC: Complete Guide

EA Sports has added two tasks in the FC24 Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC. Both tasks need to be completed to secure the special item.

The first task involves building a team around Portugal:

  • Minimum number of Portuguese players: 1
  • Squad rating: At least 86
  • Total players in the squad: 11.

To complete the Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC in FC24, you’ll need approximately 250,000 FUT coins, assuming all necessary players are bought from the FC24 FUT market. This cost can be lowered by utilizing players already in your Ultimate Team collection. If you’re running low on players, there are numerous strategies to replenish your stock.

The FC24 Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC is available for the next 13 days (as of June 18). Playing various FC24 game modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals can help build up your stock.

Your weekly performances in these modes will reward you with different in-game packs, which can provide more players. This is an effective way to obtain more cards to complete SBCs without spending additional coins.

Remember that thanks to the SBC Solver built into the FutBotManager platform you can use the players in your squad.

Completing the current resource-item challenges in Ultimate Team is another method to gain useful players. These challenges allow you to convert unused cards into valuable items for your squad or SBC fodder1.

Upon completing the Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC, you’ll earn a 94-rated ST card, which can also play as a CF and LW. Though Vitinha is traditionally a central midfielder, the Shapeshifters promotion offers positions for players in FC24 that are drastically different from their real-life positions1.

This guide should help you complete the FC24 Vitinha Shapeshifters SBC effectively and add a valuable player to your squad. Keep following for more FC24 tips and tricks.


Ultimate Guide to Completing the FC24 "Vitinha" Shapeshifters SBC



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