Funcaptcha Solver with Integrated AI

The new release of FBM has many news that have been activated and many others will be activated by December 2021. One of the great novelties that we have introduced in this version is that of the Funcaptcha Solver integrated in FBM.

1) The first most important thing is paid by solution and not by image. Our competitors charge per image. Today Funcaptcha solvers consume 15 images per solution, every 1,000 images we pay 1 euro, so with 1 euro we have 66 solutions.
The FBM platform costs 1 euro for every 200 solutions , since each solution is  15 images, we have
3,000 images with 1 euro. So choosing FBM costs less

2) Our platform is based on a latest generation AI engine, very fast and quick in response, this allows it to quickly learn the new images that are inserted.

3) Over 5,000 customers now use it with 99% guaranteed resolution. In case he can’t solve it, send the images to our server that learns and the next time he won’t make mistakes.


Choosing the FBM solver allows the bot to have a fast track in terms of solutions and speed of response, which you do not have if you choose another provider.

For any technical doubts please contact our team on our discord channel.


Good trading

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