How to avoid the BAN on Fifa 22!

Hi everyone,

Finally after weeks of testing we have found the solution to solve the BAN that EA is continuously doing to Fifa 22 accounts.

In the new version you will have three new settings (you can find these settings into the profiles settings)  modes that will allow you to be sure that your account is not banned.

The first mode is the “Played” mode:

this mode should only be used by users who have accounts with which they play at least 2 games a day. This mode will allow you to have more security but we have removed some filters that allow the bot to go faster.

How to avoid EA BANS on Fifa 22.

The second mode is the “Unplayed WebAppOnly”:
This mode must be used by all users who have accounts only to be used for the market. This means that it must be used for accounts that only make coins to resell. This mode will have a series of limitations that have been tested for over 2 weeks by our team who tested it on over 200 accounts.

How to avoid EA BANS on Fifa 22.

The third mode is the “Advanced” one:
This mode allows you to have full freedom to configure the time that each iteration has with the Web App. This may allow you to make more coins but puts you at risk of BAN.

How to avoid EA BANS on Fifa 22.

These new modes will allow you to have greater reliability and security against the BAN. But we have also decided to give you the possibility to change the settings as you see fit.
The only advice we can give you is to avoid trading too long with accounts with which you do not play 2 games a day, because this could lead you to have BANS.


How to avoid EA BANS on Fifa 22.


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