Fifa Ultimate Team - Make Coins with Charts

Fifa Ultimate Team – Make Coins with Charts

Fifa Market Trading some rules:

Make Fifa Coins in right time:

Let’s learn how to use FBM charts to understand when it’s time to sell or buy a player on Fifa Ultimate Team Transfer market

fifa chart marchisio
fifa chart marchisio Ps4


fifa chart otamedi
fifa chart otamedi Ps4

They are very popular cheap items that you know on Fifa Market: Marchisio and Otamedi, you can hit a good profit with them, but you need to check when you can do it. All charts time it is UTC time zone, then it is so easy compare with your friends. First thing to do it is check Closed Trades, value can be 0 to 15 (cause bot take look only 15 auctions until they rich the end of time).  Take a look of numbers #1 and #2, they display 2 different time zone, in time zone #1 there are so many items sold/bought and in zone #2 very low items sold/bought.

Because a lot of Fifa Players are EU time zone, and they sleeping on night, then a few trade can be closed in the night.
Tips you can use the number of trade closed for maxprocess: example if you see 3-4 trade closed on charts you can set x2 of your maxprocess in this case 6-8 can be good value.

Make Fifa Coins with right prices:

So many people have problem to choices buy/sell steps, i know it is bit hard. Remember also bot use default setting: sell step -1 and buy step 1 that give to you the minimum profit possible, it is very useful first time when you don’t have any information of it.
First rules to make fifa coins it is check  donchian channel with number #3, 4, 5, 6 more channel is bigger more it is your profit cause it display min and max value of trade closed. As you can see in first time zone with more trade closed #1 you have also better profit margin #3, 4, 5 (Marchisio) then when market it is less competitive also profit going in down #5, 6 (Marchisio).
Remember also the Avg Bid is the average value of trades closed, than more you are to closer to it more changes to buy/sell items but also less changes to make profit.
If you wanna make Fifa Ultimate Team Coins with market, you need always check charts, cause there aren’t any cheat that can help you to make coins with trading.

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