Mule Transfert System

Mule Transfert System

We added a base/concept Mule transfert system with last release:

Main key:

  • Only Player Card support at this moment
  • You must placed your cards with your buynow (in this stage bot will buy them only with bin mode) price in trade pile and status must be Active not expired/idle.

How to test it: in your seller (who sell cards) go on trade pile and select cards that you wanna buy (use Ctrl / Shift to select/deselect/group) then click on top “Mule Code” bot will copy this code into your Clipboard, you can also get it from your log console.

After this point you can go on your buyer (who will buy this card / where you wanna get fifa coins), go on Mule Tab, click “import code” then you can select textbox and with right mouse click “Paste”, after that if you do right things bot will show to you all cards to buy. Now press “process” button then bot will buy all cards and report status: “not found” if can’t find this trade, “no coins” if not have enought coins to buy this card, “idle” if not process, “bought” if bot bought this card. After all card are not in idle status bot will go back and do it job with market list.

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