Fifa Autobuyer Tips Ultimate Team

Fifa Autobuyer Tips Ultimate Team

Fifa Autobuyer Tips for Ultimate Team

Common Mistakes on Fut Market

We will see briefly some common mistakes in buying and selling methods in fifa market , you can easily find through use of charts:


fifa autobuyer
Fifa Market #1
  • As you can easily guess from the profit realized in about 6h something went wrong , we begin now to look for the causes of the problem:
    – Closed Trades, I remember that indicates the auctions ended with success in the FIFA market , indicates an average of 8 ( the value can range between 0 and 20 , and over 4 already is a great value ) , therefore the object has an excellent exchange in the market, then this is not the cause.
  • Searched, how many times Fifa autobuyer made a search for this item, in this case 41 times, and he bought 0 times and had already one in Trades before this session as seen from the data Sold 1, then this is not the cause.
  • Aucts Lost, indicates the auctions lost, of course someone has used a price higher than ours, and in fact we have 81 losses making a quick ratio are almost 81/41 = 2 ( because the importance of this issue we will say at the end of the article, as it has been implemented a new feature on this) , so the cause of our loss of earnings concerns the purchase price , which was set buy and sell step 1 step -1 , as the default.
    From here it is clear that our purchase price was around 3600 when the average purchase was traveling over 3700 , indicating strong competition so if we want to exploit this play, and considering that we have a large profit margin up to 4000 as suggested by the charts we can just edit sell step to 0 , in order to have 3700 in buy and sell in 4000.

    fifa autobuyer
    Fifa Market #2


    Also here is the same made earlier, even though the real problem here, as is evident from the graphs is the lack of their own auctions with our purchase price of 6000 while starting all of them by 6500, indicating a massive presence of bots as have flattened the market (and it is also evident from the constant price for over 3 days ( not visible in this screen ) ) , and do not allow us to make any profit, at least using the automated system of steps therefore you can resort to a manual setting prices or change player .

    fifa autobuyer
    Fifa Market #3


    This is a IF player and that’s reflected in the price , also has a few Closed Trade Round 4 , has lost very few compared to the search so it indicates there are very few as results in searches ( with the purchase price , not in the market seen Trade that is 50 ( maximum value ) ) we have bought and sold 6 times doing a good profit.

    fifa autobuyer
    Fifa Market #4


    This is identical copy of the event # 2 as above, except that we wanted to show you flattening of the price in the market in three days because of fifa’s autobuyers , with an average price that remains constant and the lack of a minimum value that deviates from it.

    This, too, was about to go the way of the event # 2 , but fortunately there is a small margin or the difference between the average line and the minimum that allows us to be able to buy and sell player with a min profit.

    fifa autobuyer
    Fifa Market #6

    Another case with an IF players as you can see although there are few in the market but are always a source of income with little effort.

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